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Wendy Michaud

My lifelong passion is learning; I have an insatiable curiosity and I enjoy inspiring that same curiosity in others. This led me to become an educator in many aspects of my life and, after completing my first YTT with Queen Street Yoga in 2018, I added yoga teacher to that list.My approach to yoga and movement practices is built on a foundation of functional movement and mindfulness. The classes I teach tend to focus on building strength and mobility, but also on noticing what's happening in our bodies. My intention is to help people move better in their everyday lives, and tune in to their own unique needs and ways of moving.My teaching style is very light-hearted, with lots of laughter and invitations to simply be curious about things. I’m always looking for creative ways to help people relate to new concepts or see things from a different perspective. But I also like to sneak in little anatomy lessons whenever I can.

When I’m not at The Branches, I spend most of my free time learning how to DIY all the things under the close supervision of a very fluffy cat and a very small dog.