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Virtual Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Empower Deeper Healing with
Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

13-Week Program with 40 contact hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits.

Note: Our most recent online restorative yoga teacher training ran from February - April 2021. We run this program approximately every other year. Take a look below for detailed information about past program structure and content.

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Join us as we show you how to harness the healing power of Restorative Yoga and apply it to your practice for your own benefit and for your clients.

As a very gentle form of Yoga, Restorative Yoga integrates resting postures, breathing techniques, and meditative relaxation in order to allow the body to gently release areas of stiffness, gradually unwind and find deep relaxation. You'll learn the ins-and-outs of each method in order to calm the nervous system and profoundly relax the body and mind.

Our 13-week training is perfect for Yoga Teachers, Yoga Therapists, Psychotherapists, RMTs, Acupuncturists, Life Coaches, and any other Bodyworkers who want to integrate Restorative Yoga into their work. 

Stand out from the others with the most modern approach to health and wellbeing.

All classes are hosted virtually. Join us from anywhere!



MODULE 1: Deepening Your Restorative Practice (12 hours)

Fill your own cup so you can serve others more authentically. This module is a blend of livestream and on-demand Restorative Yoga classes, plus self-reflection, meditation, and journaling activities to help you delve deep into practices of rest.

In this module, you'll receive:

  • 4 livestream classes hosted once a week every Monday at 7:00-9:00pm EST (February 1, 8, 15, 22)

  • 4+ hours of on-demand video content

  • At-home practice and exploration as well as small group reflection time

MODULE 2: The Art of Teaching Restorative Yoga (18 hours)

This module takes place over three Sundays where you’ll learn Restorative Yoga teaching techniques, sequencing, and modifications. Trauma-awareness will underpin all of our discussions. We’ll nerd out on how the nervous system works (including polyvagal theory) and explore ways to work with your own nervous system regulation to better hold space for others. We’ll also discuss best practices for teaching online, and you’ll learn hands-on assists for non-pandemic times. You’ll continue to deepen your own practice and start to find your voice as a Restorative Yoga teacher.

In this module, you'll receive:

  • 3 livestream classes hosted every Sunday at 12:00-8:30pm EST (March 7, March 28, April 11)

  • There will be two breaks each day: 2:00-3:00pm and 5:00-6:30pm

MODULE 3: Practicum (10 hours)

This module starts partway through module 2 to help you put everything you’re learning into practice right away. You’ll get to lead and be led by your peers online and receive invaluable feedback from classmates and faculty.

In this module, you'll receive:

  • 2 tutorials where you can pick and attend any 2 sessions according to your schedule (4 hours total)

  • Tutorial Dates: Sun March 21, Mon March 22, Mon April 5, Fri April 9. All tutorials hosted at 7:00-9:00pm EST

  • Teaching Observations + Independent Practice Teaching (6 hours)



STANDARD RATE: $675+hst for all 13 weeks of training

Alternate rate options:

  • Unemployed/Low-Income Rate: $575+hst

  • Community Supporter Rate: $775+hst

We are dedicated to offering accessible rates. Please pay what you can, according to your financial means. Paying the Community Supporter rate will support those who need to choose the low-income rate.

In a world that is constantly triggering our threat-response system, restorative yoga is such a treat for our nervous system. Described by teacher-trainer Leena as “babysitting souls” this experiential training was both an opportunity to be nurtured, as well as a rich source of learning to share the gift of intentionally slowing down and tuning into ourselves. Highly recommend this training!

Melissa Pyne - Social Worker, Psychotherapist, and Professional Coach

Leena and Emma care deeply about the experience of their students. I sensed this throughout in their attention to every nuance, be it the thought put into the whats, whys and hows of their offerings to their considered responses to my explorations and queries. As promised, I had all the time and space I needed to fully practice and allow the many gems of restorative yoga to resonate in body and mind. I am happy for their influence on my journey to softening and more easeful living.



Restorative yoga is a powerful healing tool that helps to reduce stress and support the body’s innate responses toward balance and health. As a very gentle form of yoga, restorative yoga integrates resting postures, breath techniques, and meditative relaxation. In restorative postures we use props such as bolsters and blankets to fully support the body in different resting positions.

While resting in these fully supported poses, tightness and tension in muscles and connective tissue can gently release and areas of stiffness can gradually unwind, leading to more ease, greater range of motion, and better whole-body alignment. Many restorative postures help to create more space and freedom in the movement of the respiratory diaphragm and therefore can facilitate deeper, more easeful breathing. In each restorative posture we encourage awareness of breathing and meditative focus to help calm the nervous system and profoundly relax the body and mind.

Restorative Yoga techniques may be helpful in the treatment of nervous system disorders such as insomnia, hypertension, anxiety, and specific ailments such as skin conditions and infertility, and may be especially helpful for improving mental health. Restorative postures and sequences can be modified to target specific organ systems, sensory integration, mental/emotional qualities, and the energetic qualities of each unique season.

This training is designed for yoga teachers and anyone wanting to share Restorative Yoga with others. In the past our Restorative YTT has been attended by a wonderful blend of yoga teachers, psychotherapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, life coaches and other folks who want to integrate restorative yoga into their work and their lives more deeply.

Our program will help you deepen your understanding of a wide array of Restorative Yoga postures, relaxation and meditative techniques, physical alignment, nervous system function, breath physiology, and energetics. This will provide you a wide scope of tools to use in your practice and your teaching. Our holistic approach along with lots of individualized guidance and attention will help you deepen your understanding of the key postures, how to sequence them for the greatest effect, and how to use restorative yoga to assist with common challenges such as insomnia, headaches, anxiety, back pain, menstrual difficulties, and infertility.

Specific skills include:

  • Learn to practice and teach a wide variety of restorative postures with numerous modifications depending on the needs of the person and available props.

  • Feel empowered and inspired to practice Restorative Yoga and relaxation techniques on your own and share these tools with others.

  • Improve your ability to see/feel imbalances in the body more clearly and to use restorative poses and breathing techniques to bring greater balance.

  • Explore ways to find comfort, ease agitation, and increase mental and emotional calming.

  • Learn to balance and sequence postures for particular therapeutic effects.

  • Understand how the nervous system works (including polyvagal theory) and explore ways to work with your own nervous system regulation to better hold space for others.

  • Consider trauma-informed approaches to practice and teaching.

  • Learn best practices for teaching online.

  • Learn hands-on assists for non-pandemic times.

The majority of our training is via interactive Livestream sessions on Zoom. It’s expected that you plan to attend the majority of these sessions live at the scheduled time. However, all livestream sessions will be recorded and they will be available for you to review for one year. If you need to miss a small portion, you can catch up on the recorded content and still complete your certification. There are also supplementary On-Demand videos and practice teaching exercises that can be done at your own pace. Complete all components by the end of May 2021 to obtain your certification.


Hi! We're Leslie Stokman and Leena Miller Cressman.

Leena is the Owner & Founder of The Branches Yoga (previously Queen Street Yoga) and has been teaching Restorative Yoga since 2009. Her approach to restorative practices has been influenced by studies with Liz Koch of Core Awareness and her own intuitive experience using yoga to support her mental health.

Leslie has been teaching yoga since 2015 and also trains yoga teachers. She is a certified TRE Provider (Tension/Trauma Release Exercises) and her in-depth experience provides a deeply trauma-informed approach through a lens that heavily focuses on the nervous system.


Dive more deeply into sequencing, specific teaching skills for Restorative Yoga, and working with individual students’ needs.

Learn modifications, adjustments, and hands-on assistance for restorative poses (for non-pandemic times).

Practice and hone your teaching skills with your peers.