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From the moment you walk in the door, The Branches is a different experience. More than a yoga studio, we are a hub for community and connection. We teach the intricacies of movement and mindfulness with knowledge, humour and heart. If you are seeking a yoga community that is unpretentious, welcoming and where you’ll feel deeply cared for, The Branches is for you.

If you’re brand new to Yoga, or you’d just like to get clearer on the basics, we recommend starting off with our online series Yoga Foundations.

If you’re eager to jump into some drop-in classes, we recommend our Trial 5-Pack. Mix and match between livestream and in-person classes and experience what makes The Branches such a vibrant and engaged learning community.

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Five classes over a 30-day period, valid for in-person, outdoor and virtual livestream classes. Activates when you book your first class. For new members only.

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Which class to check out first:

If you’re a beginner to yoga or movement in general, look for our classes tagged with a green start. We think you’ll love: 

  • Essentials for digging into fundamental poses and principles

  • Slow Flow for sliding into a practice that moves at a steady but sustainable pace 

  • Restorative for resting deeply and mindfully

Those with a bit of experience, or who are feeling athletically adventurous will likely enjoy: 

  • the challenge of Dynamic Flow or Strength & Flow.

I had such a blast in your classes this past spring. You helped me see that I have more capability than I thought I did...and now to keep working on changing my attitude of myself so that I can see that possibility is limitless!


Thanks for teaching me yoga that stretches my body, mind, and soul. And for inspiring me to explore and to be content with where I am in the exploration.


Thanks for a great class. I feel like I've come really far with "reclaiming" my body since I started yoga, and the studio is such a positive space.


Newbie FAQ

If you like to jump right into things, you are welcome to join our drop-in classes. If you like a more methodical approach to learning, we have Courses & Workshops on a range of topics. For complete beginners to Yoga or movement in general we recommend starting with our online course, Yoga Foundations.

For most in-studio classes you just need a yoga mat and clothes you can move easily in. Check out our Studio Culture page for more about what to expect. We also have mats available if you need to borrow one.

Street parking is free for 3 hours on Samuel and surrounding streets. Please check parking signs and be mindful of driveways. Do not park in the parking lot across from the building reserved for tenants of the apartment building, you’ll be towed. There are also 3-4 parking spots available in our long driveway on the left side of the building. You are welcome to park there during class, but please arrive no more than 15 min early and leave right after class to avoid blocking anyone in.

If you're relatively new to yoga or starting practice again after a break, we suggest any of our beginner-friendly classes: Essentials, Slow Flow or Restorative. If you were practicing regularly prior to pregnancy, choose whichever classes feel comfortable for you.

We offer a Prenatal Yoga course where you can practice alongside other pregnant folks, and learn how to adapt yoga for your changing body. And postpartum folks rave about our Deep Core Recovery course - keep that in mind for returning to practice after pregnancy.  

All of our teachers are able to offer modifications for pregnancy. Many of our teachers have practiced yoga through one or several pregnancies, so you’ll be in good hands. Please let the teacher know you're pregnant prior to class so they can offer modifications to the sequence to keep you comfortable and support your pregnancy.

Full-time post-secondary students get 15% off our regularly priced 10-Pack of drop-in passes, the Steady-10 or Avid-10 membership, and workshop fees. To get your student discount, show your valid student ID at the studio or email us to set it up.