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Nicole Brown Faulknor

As a yoga teacher and mental health clinician I teach Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga as Facilitator (TCTSY-F, 2019). TCTSY is a respectful yoga practice and rests on the principles of invitation, choice, empowerment, as means to support you in your healing process - by creating opportunities to practice noticing sensations in your body- to practice feeling your body and rebuilding your relationship to your body as safe place to be, perhaps practicing a returning home to your body. TCTSY is also an invitation for people with PTSD, and Complex Trauma symptoms. My other yoga certifications include Yogafit Canada (2011), Yin Certification (2013).I am also a founder of Mama Soul-House Rides. This embodied approach to movement is a mental health initiative through music and movement. It is a confidence and inner strength mindset-training to culturally identifying music of Afro-Caribbean origin and other eclectic genres!