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Immerse yourself in the still waters of meditation.

Starts April 1

Do you want to meditate, but struggle with stillness? 15 Days of Presence is an approachable entry point to learn to savour the gifts of presence. This series provides daily guidance that will gently guide you through a combination of approachable movement, restorative yoga, and simple breath-focused meditation techniques. 

Perfect for total beginners or those hoping to reacquaint themselves with a meditation practice, 15 Days of Presence takes place from April 1 to 15. The series gradually builds towards more time spent in stillness, with a new 15-minute practice video each day. 

When you join 15 Days of Presence, you’ll get access to the program until May 15st, so you’ll have another month to repeat the videos and further establish yourself in a consistent routine of practice. The series features classes with Danette Adams, Leslie Stokman, Emma Dines, and Leena Miller Cressman.

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- access to 15 Days of Presence, and much more

- first 7 days are free, then the Standard Rate = $40

- renews monthly, but no minimum commitment

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How does 15 Days of Presence work?

  • Get a unique 15 practice video each day from April 1 to 15
  • Access videos on our streaming service from anywhere you have internet: a computer, tablet, phone or smart TV
  • Repeat any practices you loved until May 15th