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Starts December 1st

This month we invite you to bring your heart and emotions into your practice.

Metta, often translated as loving-kindness, is the Pali name for a meditative practice that helps you cultivate a felt sense of goodwill or unconditional positive regard towards yourself, others, and even non-human beings.

This practice has always been important, but in times when our broader communities are damaged or divided, its helpfulness can't be overstated.

Certain styles of meditation can sometimes feel empty of or distant from emotion, but metta is all about growing your emotional capacity for universal friendliness. When practiced regularly, metta can be a transformative balm to the wounds of hurt, conflict and unnecessary negative bias.

Included in Loving Kindness Despite Unkind Times:

In this series, there are three sections where first you’ll learn some meditation basics, then practice several guided metta meditations, and finally have the opportunity to apply some loving and kind action to your own body through asana, movement, and massage.

Part 1: Meditation Toolkit
- Comfortable Options for Seated Meditation
- Sensing Roots
- Befriend Your Mind
- Clarify Your Presence

Part 2: Metta
- Loving Kindness Meditation with Danette
- Loving Kindness for Your Body
- Metta Meditation Audio with Christi-an
- I Am Loving Awareness: Singing Bowl Savasana

Part 3: Loving and Kind Actions for Your Body
- Loving & Kind Action for Your Joints
- Deluxe Foot Massage
- Self Massage to Soften the Hips
- Full Body Roll Out
- Yoga Snack: Calming

First: get some basic meditation tools in your belt.

Second: try four different guided practices specifically about cultivating metta (or loving kindness).

Third: direct loving and kind action towards your physical body through movement, asana and massage.

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